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We are a Christian Church, part of the Wesleyan Reform Union of Churches, based in central Barnsley - our statements of belief are listed below:

1. Salem will continue to present the Evangelical Christian Faith based on knowledge of God as Father through a personal experience of our Lord Jesus Christ as Saviour.

2. Salem holds firmly to the authority, inerrancy and inspiration of Holy Scripture in a traditional Reformed fellowship that is responsive to the needs of today.

3. Salem values the singing of both traditional and modern hymns through musical excellence.

4. Salem is a true ‘fellowship’ that operates as an extended family, where all are welcomed and brought into the ‘church family’. It values its work with children and young people in a loving and caring Christian ethos and wishes to extend it. In particular, Salem emphasises the importance of its Guides, Brownies, Scouts, Cubs and Beavers.

5. Salem respects and values its traditions through the ‘best of the past’ and is pleased and honoured to have connections with Hudson Taylor and his outstanding work in the China Inland Mission (now OMF International).

6. Salem values preaching and teaching excellence and will retain the services of Local Preachers and auxiliary supporters of proven abilities, whilst encouraging the development of preaching and teaching gifts.

7. Salem looks to the future, and intends to be a ‘beacon of faith and hope’ across a changing Barnsley town centre. It is committed to new forms of communication, mission and outreach.

8. Salem recognises its key role as a ‘town centre fellowship’ within the Wesleyan Reform Union of Churches; it will support the Union at local, Barnsley Circuit and national level and will utilise the support and outreach mechanisms available from the Union.

9. Salem is a responsive fellowship, and values its connections with other local churches across Barnsley town centre and further afield.

10. Salem has a dedicated and committed leadership team that offers ongoing care and pastoral support.